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Every purchase is a gift to someone in need.

For every EzPillbox Filler Set sold, we donate a second Set to organizations serving in-need populations who struggle daily with taking medications. We feel that our EzPillbox Filler System is the perfect way to make these deserving folk's day just a little easier and safer.

We initially donate to U.S. Military Veteran and Native American organizations but will add other groups as we expand. These organization's members and their caregivers who are on a fixed income and dealing with complicated medical needs will significantly benefit from your generous purchase.

Don't need a pillbox but want to help? Either give one as a gift or donate both! Just enter someone you know or one of our donation partners in the Ship-to address on your order, and you'll effectively donate TWO Sets and help TWO people!

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EzPillbox Filler Set

A simple, patented, two-part system that makes filling your meds a breeze. An improved EzPillbox with lids guaranteed to stay shut, and a Filler that makes sorting and storing your daily medications much easier, faster, and safer.

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The Filler

  • Wide open compartments and... NO LIDS!

    Ditch the frustration of dropping pills in the wrong place and having to fish them out or pick them off the floor where a child or pet can eat them. The spacious compartments with no lids make it easy and safer to get it right the first time, and easy to fix the occasional oops!

  • Filler Funnels

    When you've loaded your pills into the Filler, just tip it up. The funnels smoothly and accurately guide your meds into the EzPillbox compartments. The unique shape also makes it compatible with a wide range of pillboxes.

  • Slot Tabs

    Small tabs hook into the EzPillbox slots for each day's meds. They let you push back all of the lids with one smooth motion and work like a hinge to hold everything in place as you lift the Filler to slide in the pills.

The EzPillbox

  • Easy Open

    The patented design allows lids to open easily--just apply a bit of pressure in the center while lifting the outer edge. Lids open using one hand or two.

  • Secure Closure

    Guaranteed. Lids stay closed, even when vigorously shaken, dropped on the hard floor, or crushed in your luggage: no accidental opening or spilled pills.

  • The Perfect Fit

    Designed to work seamlessly with our Pillbox Filler. Compact size is right for travel, yet holds about a dozen large capsules in each of the 14 food-safe compartments.


We designed and patented the EzPillbox Filler and EzPillbox to make the complications of managing healthcare easier and safer for everyone who must take a daily regimen of medications. Our unique design overcomes the majority of issues associated with pillboxes, We feel an obligation to help deserving groups of folks who otherwise may not be able to benefit from our useful products.

We believe the right approach to fulfill our obligation is to donate our products, initially through U.S. Military Veteran and Native American organizations that support millions of deserving members. If your organization supports either of these or other similar populations and want to help us get our tools to those who need them most, let's talk. You can find details on our partner program here.


Can I use the Filler with my own pillbox?

Yes. Our Filler is compatible with most pillboxes available on the market of comparable width (8.5 to 9 in). The Set ships with our EzPillbox, but can be used with other pillboxes--even ones with lids hinged on either side of their compartments. 

Are the Sage-Aide EzPillbox Filler and EzPillbox food-safe?

Both the Filler and Pillbox are made from food-grade, recyclable (#5), PP plastic.
However, they are not child-proof.

How can I buy a second Filler so I can fill AM and PM at the same time like in the video?

We don't currently sell the Filler separately from our EzPillbox. But, you can purchase two EzPillbox Filler Sets. And bonus, if you purchase two Sets, we donate two Sets!

Do you make a pillbox with more than an AM & PM slot?

We don't currently have a 3- or 4-slot EzPillbox available, but we're in the design process and working with our manufacturing partners to perfect one as soon as possible. 

How does the Sage-Aide Donation Program work?

For every EzPillbox Filler Set purchased, we donate one Set to a Donation Partner organization -- like U.S. Military Veteran or Native American organizations. We ship quantities of EzPillbox Filler Sets to the Partner site(s)--such as, their local posts, tribal centers, thrift stores, extended care, and in/outpatient clinics--for distribution to their in-need members.

What if I don't need a pillbox but still want to help?

Either give one Set as a gift or donate both! Just enter a person you know or one of our donation partners in the Ship-to address on your order, and you'll effectively donate TWO Sets and help TWO people!

Is there a limit to how many Sets you will donate?

Nope. We donate one Set for every Set purchased--10 or 10,000.

Do you offer any bulk discounts? Do you still donate Sets for bulk purchases?

Yes. We offer bulk discounts for organizations (and affiliated partners or individuals) who want to help larger numbers of people. Please email us at admin@sage-aide.com for details. 

And yes, we still donate one Set for each Set purchased, even for bulk orders.

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