PillBoxFiller™ changes your most tiresome and frustrating task into a simple and pleasant chore.

P2P Resource is dedicated to creating useful, thoughtful products to make your life easier, safer and less stressful. Our designers have devoted their professional lives to developing creative, more efficient, and effective ways of doing things—ranging from high-tech systems to the simple (yet elegant) design of the patented* PillBoxFiller. 

It will truly become your Indispensable Dispenser™

The lids on our FREE, EzPillbox™ are GUARANTEED not to pop open--even when dropped on a hard floor or smashed in your suitcase.

Save Time and Money - Reduce Stress - Fill pillboxes in half the time

  •  Whether you are filling your own pillbox, or you're a... 
  •  Family or friend caregiver.
  •  Home healthcare professional.
  •  Nursing home or hospital staff.
  •  Doctor or pharmacist.
  •  We all need more time and less stress.
  •  And time is money—especially for a professional.

Relieve Frustration From Annoying Lids

Eliminate struggling with the small compartments of your old pillbox and the constantly closing lids that knock the pills from your fingers.

All But Eliminate Damaged and Lost Pills

Large compartments in the PillBoxFiller (and NO lids) helps you stop dropping pills on the floor, counter, in the sink where they get wet, dirty, broken or lost. Medications and vitamins are expensive—many are very expensive.

Fill Your Pillbox Much Faster & Easier

The patented, unique design of the PillBoxFiller combined with large compartments and NO lids allow many users to fill their pillbox much faster and significantly easier.

Be Safe - Get the Right Pills in the Right Place

Large compartments of the PillBoxFiller and the funnel guides let you place your pills correctly into your pillbox the first time. Taking your medications and vitamins on the right day and at the right time is extremely important.

Easy for Stiff, Achy Fingers

PillBoxFiller is perfect for older folks and anyone dealing with illness, injury.

Braille Letter on Lids

Poor eyesight or low light is not a problem. Each lid has a Braille letter to identify the correct day.

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