Our Purpose: Sage-Aide strives to create useful, thoughtful, products devised to make people's lives easier, safer, and less stressful--especially when managing their health. Our founder and design team have a lifetime of developing creative and more efficient ways of doing things—ranging from high-tech POS and telecom systems; purpose-built software and hardware; to the simple, elegant, and practical design of the EzPillbox Filler system. More quality-of-life products are in development.

Our Mission: We believe it is our responsibility as corporate members of society to share our products with those who need them most. Our founder's parents were U.S. Military Veterans and of Native American heritage. During their 90+ years on earth, they never failed to share whatever they had--both in good times and bad--with family, friends, and especially with total strangers. We honor their memory by initially focusing our Donation Program on the in-need folks of these often underserved groups.

If you are an administrator or proactive member of an organization supporting one of these groups, or other deserving populations, please contact us