Sage-Aide EzPillbox Filler Set

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A simple, patented, two-part system that makes filling your meds a breeze, even with achy fingers and poor eyesight. An improved EzPillbox with lids guaranteed to stay shut, and a Filler that makes sorting and storing your daily medications much easier, faster, and safer. Get the right pills in the right place.

And, for every EzPillbox Filler Set sold, we donate a second Set to organizations serving in-need populations who struggle daily with taking lots of medications.

Each Set Purchase Includes:
  • 1 EzPillbox
  • 1 Filler
  • We donate a second EzPillbox Filler Set to one of our partner organizations

About the EzPillbox:

  • 7-14 day, AM/PM.
  • Lids are clearly marked with days of the week, AM/PM and Braille labels.
  • 8.75 inches x 3.3 inches total size.
  • Each pill compartment is 1.5 inches by 1.06 inches.
  • Engineered to open easily, but absolutely stay shut--even when dropped on a tile floor or crushed in your luggage.

About the Filler:

  • 7 large filler slots with funnel openings to make filling your pillboxes easy, fast, and accurate.
  • Ships with our EzPillbox, but compatible with many other pillboxes.
  • 8.75 inches by 3 inches total size.
  • Each filler slot is 2.75 inches by 1.25 inches.
  • Simple and efficient to use: hook the EzPillbox Filler tabs onto the EzPillbox compartments front edge, or just place the Filler flat on the counter.
  • Place your pills into the Filler compartments. Double check your work—the tablets are easy to see and move if needed.
  • An errant pill is easy to slide out the open, funnel end of the Filler compartment.
  • Move your pills into the EzPillbox by hooking the tabs over the front edge of your pillbox,
  • As you lift, push the pillbox lids back (open) with the tabs.
  • Continue to lift the back edge of the Filler until the pills slide into the EzPillbox compartments.
  • If you have several pills of varying size causing them to bunch up in the funnel, simply shake gently, and the funnel openings will guide your pills smoothly and accurately into the correct pillbox compartments.
  • EzPillbox lids are clearly marked with each day of the week, AM and PM, plus a Braille letter to ensure that you choose the correct day in case of low light or poor eyesight.
IMPORTANT: Please view the product demo video on the Home page.
REMEMBER: Ordering a Sage-Aide EzPillbox Filler Set means we ship one Set to you and we ship a second Set to our donation partners.